Business Plan and entrepreneurship training Start Success 56h (July/August Tallinn; in English)

Do I need a business plan?
If you wish to apply for business loan, then certainly! Irrespective where you wish to apply for a loan, Unemployment office „Töötukassa“, KredEx, bank etc., it’s obvious that they wish to see you’ve thought things through. We also understand people who say that one should just start the business and start selling. That’s why we also teach about selling and other important parts of owning and running a business.

Training suits you, if you are planning to start, have just started or you just want to know and understand more about running and maintaining a business.

Business Plan and entrepreneurship training Start Success is focused on designing and preparing a business plan, putting together and applying for funds. You’ll learn the basics of business (marketing, financial planning, accounting, contracts of employment, occupational safety etc.) in such an amount, that a starting business can function well.

Start Success training plan
7 training days (56* ac. hours) 24.July-11.August 2017 (24.07.; 26.07.; 28.07; 31.07; 2.08.; 03.08.; 11.08.)
* The amount of independent work (added to auditorium hours) about 20 hours

All training days are from 10.00 AM to 05.15 PM (10.00-17.15)
Everyone who has finished the training will receive certificate for attending this training.
Training will end with Business Plan presentation.
Training scedule

Why choose this training:
* We give personal advice, on the spot consultancy and if you wish we comment on your project idea.
* We share our experience and show cases of financed projects.
* We talk about successes and failures that you can learn from.
* Our specialists analyze Business Plans during training and up to 3 weeks after training for FREE.
* Materials: Additionally we suggest getting materials to get to know more about funding and how to write projects. We will give you „How to write successful projects for funding“ for free (material is in Estonian language, price 24.17€ + TAX)

When you compose Business Plan during Start Success training, it will be suitable for applying it to get funding (e.g. Ettevõtluse Arendamise Sihtasutus, Töötukassa) and credit (KredEx, banks), but also as planning tool for the company itself.

If you don’t know which of your many ideas is the best, then during the training you will analyze them thoroughly and will have an overview of best possibilities for funding.

Rait_TalvikRait Talvik is an entrepreneur who has 15 years of experience as a consultant and trainer. During his career Rait has supported the development of small and bigger companies, also he has consulted unemployed people and civil cooperation’s. His competences include communicational psychology, behavioral skills, leadership, involvement and motivational skills; different entrepreneurship aspects (incl. product development, financial planning, marketing); strategic thinking and strategic planning skills, innovation and also how to apply project based model in different sectors of life.

KarinPloomKarin Ploom is currently working as a HR specialist in Estonian IT startup Plumbr. Has been an entrepreneur for 7 years and continuing, working with small private limited companies. Has a law degree from University of Tartu, working experience from Notary public and Tartu County Court. Karin has been a lecturer in Estonian Entrepreneurship University of Applied Sciences and in Tartu Vocational Education Center, mainly focusing on labour law and basics of law. She is passionate about creating healthy, supportive and productive working environments where all employees would feel equally appreciated and valued.

Participation fee
Projektiekspert OÜ is training partner for unemployment office “Eesti Töötukassa”.

Entrepreneurship training Start Success 56 ac. Hours (in English):
Early bird prize 1388 € + VAT*.
Regular prize 1599 € + VAT*
Early bird prize is valid until 20.July 2017.

Information: 55582823 or 6263236, e-mail: